Professional development

Our practice is an extended family, and our staff are the most fundamental element.

Architecture & Access operates a variety of programs to help keep our staff informed of the latest practices in access to the built environment, and the opportunity to individually develop their skills.

Our internal programs are designed to tap into the unique skill set our team has relating to access in the built environment. Sharing our experience and knowledge internally enhances the Architecture & Access team, and facilitates us to live our people first approach.

Two Architecture & Access team members having a meeting

Some of our current
programs include:

Communication Access Weekly

By delving into various forms of communication, we are actively fostering a more inclusive community.

Each Monday, our team is introduced to a new and meaningful gesture to learn. These gestures encompass expressions like “hello”, “finished”, “thank you”, “please”, “sorry”, “happy”, “sad”, and many more. We are provided a description of the gesture and illustrative visuals to illustrate both the physical gesture and the visual context when using it in communication.

This onling process enables us to connect with a broader range of individuals, making our interactions and engagement more diverse and accessible.

Sensory spaces and chillout zones

This online discussion group shares learnings with people who live with neurodiversity and those who support them, as well as people who have designed and managed sensory spaces. This informal group is growing organically and meets bimonthly. Guest speakers are a regular and includes artists, designers and researchers all keen to share their knowledge and experience.

Access elements

Comprehensive and structured training modules cover all elements of access. We support your journey in access consulting by managing key competencies and progressing you in your learning.

Access musings

Access is never black and white. Our team of experienced Access Consultants regularly share and discuss conundrums and the ‘grey spaces’ in Access. The breadth of experience of the team allows for open discussions and for the best solutions for the most remarkable access situations.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Each employee is given an amount per year to engage in and to develop and enhance their abilities.

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