Access Audits

Access Audits

Access audits are on-site assessments, conducted by our qualified and accredited access consultants, of existing infrastructure or developments that are still under construction. Our detailed access audit reports identify non-compliance issues with reference to relevant legislation and standards, and provide recommendations for how compliance can be achieved

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Prior to undertaking an audit, we consult with our client to fully understand the facility, who uses it, any outstanding access issues, and the project’s background and required outcomes.

The types of facilities we audit are broad in scale and diverse in nature. They can range from a single car parking bay to a multi-campus university. We assess the access-to-premises compliance of business precincts, commercial and private accommodation, sport and recreational facilities, parks and reserves, streetscapes, play-spaces and beachfronts.

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We also conduct access audits of the temporary infrastructure used for festivals and events, with a focus on the dynamic problem solving required in these settings.

No matter the size, type or setting, we approach all access audits with the same goal: to ensure the environment is safe and accessible for a diverse range of people, including those with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities, neurodiversity and people who are older. We encourage our clients to think beyond the minimum legislated requirements by also considering the needs of LGBTQIA+ and culturally diverse communities when planning future developments.

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