Safe and accessible for everyone.

Access to the built environment is for everyone, allowing freedom to move without restriction.

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Specialist advice & solutions

Access in the
built environment

We exist to create safe, functional and accessible environments that enable people to experience life equally with confidence and dignity.

Our services

Specialist advice and solutions to achieve access within the built environment for people with physical, sensory and other forms of disability, their families and carers.


The most up-to-date comprehension of the responsibilities imposed by work health & safety laws across a range of professions, ensuring health and safety.


  • Access Knowledge

    'Mind the Gap' - derived in London, used by transit systems worldwide

    Issues, requirements and solutions for the railway network

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  • Safety in Design

    Australian Institute for Infectious Disease - A globally significant facility

    A robust and systematic Safety in Design review to support the identification and elimination of design-related risks

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  • Access Knowledge

    Communication Access Weekly

    Ilianna Ginnis is teaching Architecture & Access how to communicate with people with communication disabilities

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  • Access People

    20 years of Access Consulting for Patricia Flores

    Stamina and fortitude led Patricia to getting the role she wanted - and she is still going strong

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  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Certification

    A thoughtful Brisbane 3-storey apartment building

    Our simple 'step by step' methodology supported the review process of this project of High Physical Support SDA units

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  • Book a CPD presentation

    Tap into Architecture & Access’ skills, knowledge and experience

  • Luminance Contrast Calculator

    Measure the Luminance contrast difference between two LRV’s.


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