Safety in Design

Safety in Design

At Architecture & Access, our Safety in Design process has been developed to assist designers of buildings and/or structures intended for use as workplaces to meet their obligations under the relevant sections of state and federal WHS/OHS legislations.

Entrance to Armstrong Creek West Neighbourhood Children's and Community Centre showing accessibility access points

Our Safety in Design process is robust and systematic in the identification and elimination, or mitigation, of design-related risks throughout the life of the project including construction, operation and maintenance activities.

This unique capacity enables our clients to tailor and value-add services to fulfill the safety and accessibility objectives of their project.

Architecture & Access can deliver the following services:

  • Independent facilitation of the Safety in Design process
  • Review of proposed design and documentation
  • Design for safe servicing and maintenance of the building
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Risk management
  • Facilitation of Safety in Design and risk review workshops
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Formulation of Safety in Design Risk Registers
  • Safe-design reports
Architecture & Access can deliver the following services
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