Feedback Resolution

Feedback can be provided in person or by email. All feedback is documented in our ‘Feedback & Complaints Register’, and is then evaluated by the Project Manager in consultation with relevant staff. Where required, a detailed response is given to the person providing the feedback.

Specific feedback may be used to consider opportunities for systematic improvement to Architecture & Access services, and may be openly shared and discussed at General Staff Meetings involving all Architecture & Access staff.

Complaint handling

Architecture & Access aims to resolve all complaints quickly and effectively with a mutually agreed outcome satisfactory to all concerned.

In the event of a complaint being raised by a client or member of the public (either verbally or in writing), the following complaints resolution process is followed.

When a complaint is received it is recorded and an investigation commences, this is in line with our robust Procedure for Handling Customer Complaints.

We will contact you to acknowledge your complaint, concurrently your complaint will be assessed by our quality team. If your complaint requires further investigation this will be conducted by an investigation team and a company director will be notified.

An update will be provided to you, and if appropriate with options for redress. A result of the complaint is our investigation team will identify and implement strategies to ensure that the risk of the reason for the complaint is reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable with ongoing reviews.

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