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Accessibility Upgrades for Local Government

Ensuring existing community facilities, buildings, infrastructure and open spaces support disability access and inclusion.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 makes it a legal requirement to provide equal access to employment, public buildings, goods, services and facilities including access to court buildings. Architecture & Access supports local government throughout metro and regional Victoria and interstate to assess, plan and upgrade their buildings to provide equal access for people of all abilities. Our team of access consultants, architects and project managers can provide expert advice to ensure local government buildings meet their obligations and community needs.

Architecture & Access’s service offering to assist Local Government includes:

Access Audits

On-site audits conducted by our qualified and accredited access consultants, of existing infrastructure. Our detailed access audit reports identify non-compliance issues with reference to relevant legislation and standards, and provide recommendations for achieving compliance. We can also assist local government to prioritise accessibility upgrades.

Architectural Solutions

Architecture & Access provides specialist advice and architectural solutions to assist local councils, government agencies and community organisations to ensure access to buildings, amenities, and public spaces for people with disability and the wider community.

Our design team is experienced in providing councils with a full range of architectural services, including access improvements to:

Our experienced team can undertake projects of various scales, from small upgrades to entire building refurbishments, as well as new building design. Access upgrade services to assist local government can include:

  • Site analysis to assess the scope of works
  • Implementation of access audits recommendations and priorities
  • Provision of architectural documentation in compliance with disability standards
  • Preparation of cost plans to inform priorities for capital expenditure
  • Site inspections during construction and prior to issuing certificate of compliance
  • Reports and performance solutions for existing facilities
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