Architecture & Access all-in-one IT solution Image: Reading plans

Architecture & Access has a new all-in-one IT solution

IT systems can present a challenge for organisations – they can be an effective tool or a headache!

Architecture & Access’ growth story is not dissimilar to a lot of organisations of the same size. When the company starts out, size appropriate systems are introduced and as the business grows various other systems are added to try and support it’s needs. The tipping point is when systems can’t integrate and share data, and you become a slave to the excel spreadsheet…. A Frankenstein IT system if you will.

As we have continued our growth trajectory, we have realised a solution was needed to fix disconnected and isolated data and inefficient project management tools.

Architecture & Access is pleased to report that we are presently developing a new solution on one suitable platform, Salesforce. We have appointed Carnac Group to tailor Salesforce to address our business needs, including optimising our internal processes whilst creating key business insights and visibility.

The new platform will enable us to respond to incoming service requests and tenders, manage projects and contracts throughout the lifecycle of a project.  It will provide intelligent real-time reporting and provide visibility and insights for project managers and the leadership team. The goal is to design a platform to ultimately replace our current software.

We have chosen Salesforce as the platform to support growth over the long term. Our new platform will ultimately assist us to provide our clients the best service possible. We expect this solution will create efficiencies and improvements in:

  • Strategy development
  • Project management
  • Market intelligence
  • Change management and process optimisation
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Tendering and quoting
  • Data management and business reporting
  • Process automation and digitisation

This project is an exciting time for Architecture & Access and once completed and will allow us to intensify our focus on what we do best – creating safe, functional and accessible environments that enable people to experience life equally with confidence and dignity.

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