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Architecture & Access Leadership Development Program

Architecture & Access’ future is guaranteed – ‘We can’t do it alone; it takes great people’

Architecture & Access has experienced great growth and continues to do so, we are proudly the leaders in the industry. Our staff are the lifeblood of our organisation, and we continue to implement initiatives to help us provide an inclusive, professional, and connected workplace for everyone who works here.

People is our number one (of four) pillar, with the key strategic objective being attract, develop and retain high performing staff.

As part of Architecture & Access’ commitment to investing in the development of people, particularly developing internal leadership capability, a leadership Development Program was customised and delivered by external consultants Neil Currie and Clare Collins from CC Management Consulting Pty Ltd.

The program was designed for current and aspiring leaders who have the responsibility of managing staff, teams and key projects. Participants were nominated by our General Manager and Unit Managers. A total of 19 staff have attended the Leadership Development Program.

The expected outcomes from the program include:

  • Managing self and others
  • Priority management
  • Leading teams
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Problem solving and root cause analysis
  • Managing projects

Using a strength-based approach, adult action learning methods were used with real life scenarios relevant to the operating context of Architecture & Access. Reflective practice was encouraged by participants developing a Personal Action Plan and reporting on progress in following modules.

Post training, leaders participated in 1:1 coaching with Clare to imbed the key learnings and apply the tips and frameworks to effectively manage day to day workplace challenges.

Daniel Craddock and Rebecca Cribbs are part of the leadership development program, they were asked how they felt the program is benefiting them.

“The leadership training has provided an opportunity to reflect on our workplace behaviours and relationships. An introduction to leadership theory has encouraged the sharing of stories on topics such as difficult questions, learning from mistakes and delegation of tasks.”

Daniel Craddock, Senior Access Consultant

“I found the training to be extremely useful and engaging. using the techniques, tips and strategies discussed on coaching, team communication and providing feedback, I have been able to incorporate these learnings for myself and the team into our work tasks.”

Rebecca Cribbs, Corporate Services Manager

We offer a variety of programs to help keep our staff informed of the latest practices in access to the built environment, and the opportunity to individually develop their skills.

If you would like to know more about Architecture & Access our website provides an insight into its history, what we believe, what we do and why and why you may want to work with us.

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