Blythe-Sanderson Group merge with Architecture and Access

Merger sees leaders in the field of architecture and accessibility create a unique in-house capacity as consultants to the built environment.

In an exciting new partnership, the team from Blythe-Sanderson Group Pty Ltd (formerly Davis Langdon Access Consulting an AECOM Company), led by Andrew Sanderson (pictured right) has joined with Architecture & Access under the directorship of Chris Porter (pictured left), to form Architecture & Access (Aust) Pty Ltd.

The move to larger premises in Melbourne and the opening of a new Brisbane office signals their goal to provide integrated Australia-wide services comprising Access Consulting, OHS Consulting, Project Management and Home Modification.

“We now offer a combined experience of more than 30 years in the accessibility field and an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified and experienced people,” says Andrew.

“Our team of accessibility specialists is drawn from a range of professions including access consulting, work health & safety, project management, architecture, home modification, landscape design, interior design, and occupational therapy.”

Chris Porter believes that offering this unique “one-stop shop” capacity will greatly benefit clients in the delivery of fast and flexible services in response to individual project needs.

“Our expert knowledge of local policy, state and federal anti-discrimination laws, building control regulations, and work health & safety legislation, together with our innovative design solutions will assist architects, design teams, local government and anyone delivering projects where accessibility and safety are key objectives,” says Chris.

Chris and Andrew agree that the company will continue to be a passionate advocate of the spirit and intent of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 with a focus on creating safe and accessible community facilities, workplaces and homes for people with disability.

The company will keep its commitment to consult closely with all involved including people with a disability, service providers and industry to ensure design solutions meet the requirements of universal design, relevant legislation and respective projects.

“We believe that well-designed, safe and accessible environments benefit individuals, families, business and the wider community.”

Architecture & Access head office is located at Level 5, 369 Royal Parade, Parkville. All enquiries to (03) 8383 6688 or visit for more information.

Architecture & Access


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