Manufactured Homes: ideal solutions for SDA and Social Housing

Architecture & Access are working with our client to develop manufactured homes for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and social housing solutions. Manufactured homes, also known as prefab or modular homes are constructed in a factory, transported to the site, and craned into position.

There is an urgent need to move people with disability out of hospitals and young people living in nursing homes into more appropriate homes. Manufactured homes are an ideal solution for SDA as the timeframe for development and construction is significantly reduced compared to the traditional on-site construction method.

Manufactured homes will result in a better quality of life for residents sooner, providing an architecturally designed home allowing greater dignity and independence. Manufactured homes offer a sustainable and cost-efficient housing solution with a quicker turnaround. Construction in the factory allows for economies of scale sourcing selected green materials, systematic and streamlined construction methods with reduced waste, and are unaffected by weather conditions faced by onsite builds.

Working with our partners, Architecture & Access have developed a range of two- and three-bedroom housing, compliant with the SDA Design categories: High Physical Support (HPS), Fully Accessible, Improved Liveability and Robust. The designs feature generous living areas, large bedrooms with individual ensuites, Overnight On-site Accommodation (OOA) and breakout rooms. These homes are a modern housing solution, designed to fit into their neighbourhood context.

The New Housing Accord has aspiration to build one million new homes from 2024 with 55,000 new social and affordable homes over five years. Manufactured homes will be an important option to more rapidly fulfill the unmet demand for social and affordable housing.

Architecture & Access are excited to develop SDA manufactured housing to meet the needs of people with disability and to support the challenges housing providers face meeting the demand for well-designed manufactured social and affordable housing.

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