Welcome Harriet (Tong Ka-Ching)

Linus Tong, Architecture & Access Safety in Design consultant celebrates the birth of beautiful Harriet.

Congratulations to Linus and Kerry Tong who welcomed home a new baby girl Harriet Tong on Boxing Day 26 December 2019. Harriet is healthy and happy.

She is a lucky girl as she has two names, Harriet and Tong Ka-Ching, her Chinese name. Tong is her surname; Ka means splendid and Ching means sunny.

Linus was able to spend some time with Harriet and family, getting a hang of parenting and all its quirks!

When Linus isn’t changing nappies and other parenting duties, he is busy looking after the Safety in Design unit of Architecture & Access.

Safety in Design is a key principle of workplace health & safety laws considering safety at the building design stage, assessing any hazards and implementing solutions to ensure safety throughout the life of the building.

Safety in Design may consider excavation, demolition, electrical works, maintenance, environmental factors, hazardous substances and dangerous goods, ergonomics, refurbishment, working at height, traffic factors, workplace health & safety impacts, and other areas as required.

Linus and the Architecture & Access consultants have up-to-date knowledge of the duties imposed by work health & safety laws of a range of professions to ensure health and safety in relation to residential and commercial building developments.

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