West Gippsland Arts Centre Redevelopment

The project will honour the commitment and investment of all those behind the arts centre’s conception and growth over the last 30 years, by ensuring it will continue to be a leading regional arts centre for the next 30 years and more.

The refurbishment of the West Gippsland Arts Centre was a significant project by Williams Ross Architects. Architecture & Access were very pleased to be part of the team in the role of Safety in Design Consultants.

The original building needed a significant update to increase its capacity and to ensure compliance with more recent codes and standards could be achieved. Safety in Design is always a challenge when existing buildings are being upgraded. The safety issues with the design of the old building needed to be addressed and at the same time, safety issues introduced with the new design needed to be identified. Control measures were put in place to ensure that the building is safe for those who work there and for members of the public who attend events and performances.

A&A’s Safety in Design Consultants were involved in all design phases and provided reviews of the design, risk assessment and Safety in Design workshops. Architecture & Access has completed many projects for Williams Ross Architects and this project is another example of a great outcome achieved.

Architecture & Access is a specialist consultant for the built environment, creating safe and accessible community facilities.

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