Home Modification ramp upgrade

When a ramp makes a huge difference

Home Modification – increasing independence and the reliance on assistance from others

This home in Bell Post Hill required ramp access for the client who uses both mobility aids and a wheelchair, to provide level entry access via the front entry.

Prior to the new ramp installation, the client relied heavily on assistance from her husband to navigate the steps to the porch, and from the porch another step to the entry door. She often needed to be carried into the home which became increasingly difficult and unsafe.

The solution was achieved by widening the front door, dropping the door threshold to floor level and providing a raised landing to the front porch. Increasing the height meant that the roof level to the porch also needed to be raised to achieve a safe and compliant head height.

Lisa Ham - Home Modification Senior Project Manager

Architecture & Access Project Manager Lisa Ham consulted closely with the client to design, document and project manage the construction of these modifications, to ensure that the outcome was functional and aesthetically sympathetic to the existing home. Consideration was also given to providing ambulant access down to the existing porch level for family members and visitors to the home. It was important for the client to feel confident with the process and the regular project management communication provided by Lisa instilled confidence for the client.

Since the completion of the ramp project, our client and her family have reported that entering and exiting their home has been significantly improved. The visual impact to the house is minimal, and the raised roof is barely recognisable as a change. The composite decking colour matches well with the existing colour scheme and from an aesthetic perspective, is a welcome addition to the house.

Architecture & Access design and deliver modifications to people’s homes to maximise independence and safety, and to enhance quality of life. We specialise in complex and major home modifications ranging in value. Our Project Managers, like Lisa, are people focused and provide an end-to-end service for all home modifications.

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