Alba Thermal Springs - drone view

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa

A wellness sanctuary designed with everyone in mind.

A unique and exciting project, the Alba Thermal Springs is located on the Mornington Peninsula.  The facility can accommodate 400 guests, has 35 pools, the entry-level has reception, change room facilities including ambulant facilities, accessible and family change rooms.  The upper level has 21 spa treatment rooms and a ground-level restaurant provides nourishing food from the local area.

Architecture & Access worked with the Architect, Hayball and Landscape Architect, MALA to ensure access is seamlessly provided throughout the building and the vast external landscape.   We worked with the design team through Schematic Design, Design Development and Tender Documentation. 

Due to the unique nature of this building alternative building solutions were worked on together with the design team, to ensure the integrity of the design intent was maintained and access for people was optimised and consistent with the experience of the building.  Architecture & Access assessed each variation to the National Construction Code (NCC) Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions individually and determined that equitable access can be provided through the proposed alternative.  One example includes where a door was not provided with luminance contrast as per the requirements of the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions under the NCC. 

The reasoning applied is that the occupants of this area are staff who will be trained and familiar with the environment and hence will be aware of the location of the door.  Clients/guests in this area will be escorted at all times by staff, and will not need to independently locate this door.  We consulted with stakeholders to formulate the building solution and to ensure that they were committed and understood the proposed building solution.

The Dunes Pool with Pelican Pool Hoist
The Dunes Pool with Pelican Pool Hoist

The external pools are mostly less than 40m perimeter and hence not required to provide an accessible means of water entry in accordance with NCC 2016.  However, five of the external pools have been fitted with a Pelican Pool Hoist.  This provides a safe means of access for people with a disability to enjoy the benefits of these thermal hot springs.

Architecture & Access are grateful to have been involved in this iconic project and hope visitors of all abilities can enjoy the luxury spa experience.

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