Architecture & Access introduces their Parental Leave Policy

A major step for Architecture & Access in becoming an equal opportunity employer

This month Architecture & Access announced their new Parental Leave Policy. This will see 12 weeks of full wage paid parental leave for primary carers and 2 weeks of paid leave for secondary carers.  

We have created a selection of paid leave types, including:

  • Primary carer
  • Secondary carer
  • Special maternity leave – Mother
  • Special maternity leave – Partner
  • Early pregnancy loss – Mother and Partner
  • Keep in touch days -10 days during parental leave if attending work
  • Superannuation – For the primary carer, for the entire National Employee Standard Guaranteed period

This important family policy is available to women and men, promoting gender equality and the valuable contribution both parents make. Architecture & Access has been built on the reputation of our people first approach and our parental policy helps signify this approach. We recognize that retaining skilled employees when they have children is an imperative to long-term business success. Our aim is to support employees during the course of raising a family.

This month we are delighted that both Claire Olivier (Architect) and Amy Montague (Corporate Services) will be recipients of Architecture & Access’ new Parental Leave Policy. We wish Claire and Amy all the best and hope this new policy helps them (and their Partners) enjoy time with their babies.

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