Australian Institute for Infectious Disease landscape render

Australian Institute for Infectious Disease (AIID) – A globally significant facility

Architecture & Access provided a robust and systematic Safety in Design review to support the identification and elimination of design-related risks throughout the life of the project

The new facility located in Parkville, Victoria will bring together scientists, clinicians, and experts working on all aspects of infectious disease.

AIID is an initiative supported by the Victorian Government to enhance research, public health, educational and translational capability in infectious diseases, including COVID-19 and other major global health issues. (AIID, 2023)

The facility intention is to be better prepared to prevent and respond to any new pandemic, and to support better outcomes following a review of the events of the COVID-19 pandemic. AIID will benefit not just Australians, it will be a global world class centre of research.

AIID is a visionary initiative bringing together University of Melbourne, Burnett Institute, Doherty Institute and Victorian Government.

Architecture & Access were engaged by Wardle Architects in 2022 to provide Safety in Design services on the facility.

The Safety in Design process can be summed up as an integration of hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process to eliminate or minimise the risks of injury throughout the life of the project being designed. Architecture & Access utilise a suite of tools and techniques to assist Wardle to achieve compliance with obligations imposed by the various OHS legislation in Australia.

Architecture & Access worked with Wardle on the various stages of the project including:

  • Concept design-development of Safety in Design preliminary hazard analysis. At this stage the concept design is reviewed, along with any existing OHS policies and procedures, OHS reports and risk statistics. A preliminary hazard report is developed, workshops are facilitated and submitted to the design team.
  • Development of Safety in Design systematic assessment. In this stage we review the schematic design drawings and undertake a systematic assessment to identify potential Safety in Design / OHS risks. A risk register is also developed with recommended control measures.
  • Design development – Safety in Design systematic assessment revision. Architecture & Access review the design development drawings, and report on the residual risks. Workshops are facilitated with the design team to discuss the residual risks.
  • Construction documentation – A final safety report is developed. The tender documentation drawings are reviewed, and we facilitate a workshop with the design team. The Safety in Design Risk Register is finalised and submitted to the design team.

The AIID facility will commence construction in 2025 and is projected to be completed in 2027.

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