Changing Places Design Specification 2020

Changing Places provide sanitary facilities for people with disabilities who are unable to use a typical accessible toilet. Changing Places provides additional equipment including a hoist, an adult sized change table and additional space to meet the needs of people with high support needs and the people who support them.

We have assisted in design review and accreditation of many facilities across the country including universities, hospitals, community centres and facilities within parks adjacent to playgrounds. Currently there are 132 facilities in Australia.

Helen Fearn-Wannan and Francesca Davenport from Architecture & Access have been involved with the development of the Changing Places specifications since the inception.

The fourth revision of the Changing Places Design Specification 2020 has now been released and has been based on feedback from the people who use the facilities and the managers of facilities. Additional information has been provided to assist designers and achieve a high quality facility for people who use them.

The Changing Places Design Specification 2020 and CAD drawings are available for download from this link

Architecture & Access can assist in the development of construction documentation for building a Changing Place and in the accreditation for registration of the facility.

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