Architecture & Access employees playing lawn bowls for Feast for Freedom

Feast for Freedom – for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Architecture & Access fundraised dual feasts – in the office and a lawn bowls event.

Architecture & Access’ unique working capacity enables us to donate our services to several community groups. Our goal is to provide a positive impact by donating our unique skills to specific organisations, including the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). One other way which we support ASRC is being part of their ‘Feast for Freedom’ campaign.

In March Architecture & Access hosted a Feast for Freedom event, helping to raise funds for the ASRC, to provide food, shelter and health services for over 7,000 people seeking asylum who need support settling into Australia every year. Feast for Freedom gives groups and individuals the opportunity to raise funds to support people seeking asylum in a fun, delicious and celebratory way.

Architecture & Access held a fun night out event playing bare foot bowls with a BBQ, which included Peruvian chicken. In the office event, a variety of dishes were prepared by employees and enjoyed for lunch, with each staff member making a cash donation for the enjoyment of the dish. With the generosity of our employees, we were able to reach our target to help ASRC and contribute to their important goals being reached.

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