Francesca Davenport

Applauding Francesca Davenport – LFRAIA, ACAA, Architect and Senior Access Consultant

Her in-depth experience is appreciated and her wisdom and skills are shared with our young consultants.

Francesca is a registered architect and an accredited access consultant with over 38 years of experience providing services to the built environment. She specialises in design for health care, aged care, rehabilitation, and accessibility, incorporating Universal Design principles.

Francesca is a Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects and an accredited member of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia.

Francesca’s personal experience with mobility impairment since early childhood in Indonesia and close involvement later in life with issues of deafness and blindness has given her an invaluable insight into the requirements for access provisions for all. Her parents suggested she should study law so she could have a sedentary job as a solicitor but she was determined not to be inhibited by her physical limitations and chose architecture instead.

In 1972/1973 she had the invaluable opportunity to do a postgraduate study in rehabilitation architecture in Australia under the Colombo Plan Fellowship. Following employment at three architectural firms in Melbourne, and as principal of HSPC Disability Access Consultancy from 2003, in 2015 Francesca joined the multidisciplinary and multitalented team at Architecture & Access.

Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library, Architect: Group GSA, Image credit: Tom Hutton

Francesca provides a full range of access consulting services, including design reviews, access audits, site inspections, and access reports. She works in close consultation with clients and architects in the development of the design brief, providing access advice during the design and construction phases through to completion. The Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library – completed in April 2017 – is a shining example of this process at its best.

She is a strong advocate for knowledge sharing and lifelong learning, as evidenced by her extensive involvement in various roles and positions, including current member of the Changing Places Technical Advisory Team (since 2015), member of multiple Standards Australia ME064 Committee Working Groups, Chair of the Australian Institute of Architects National Access Work Group* (2004-2013), Chair of the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Access Committee ** (2000-2003), Chair of the Public Transport Access Committee (2010/2011) and member of the City of Melbourne Disability Advisory Committee (2002-2010).

We applaud Francesca’s wonderful journey through her working life. A font of knowledge in the Access field for many years, bringing life experiences, architectural and building knowledge and above all, a passion for improving the built environment for all people.

*              Now renamed National Enabling Access Committee (NEAC)

**            Now renamed Victorian Enabling Access Committee (VEAC)

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