Home Modification – Melbourne Inner-City

The client is now able to access all areas of the house and be safer and more independent in her home

This inner-city home modification was funded by the NDIA in 2019. The existing home was built over 100 years ago with double brick walls, a combination of timber and concrete sub floors and bluestone footings. The home had different floor levels, a result of various additions and renovations over time. The client used a motorised wheelchair and the home presented several barriers for the client’s independence and safety. Access to the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and rear yard via the front entry included an existing step down of over 500mm making it challenging for the client to negotiate in her motorised wheelchair. A makeshift false floor and series of steep temporary ramps were being used to access these areas prior to modifications. To improve access and safety the temporary flooring and ramp system were removed and replaced with a platform lift allowing easy access and transition between the levels within the home.

The house also included a bathroom with a shower over the bath and limited circulation space for a wheelchair user. The modification included provision of a large level entry shower, accessible vanity basin, grabrails and slip resistant floor tiles to allow safe wheelchair access and additional circulation space for mobility and attendant care.

The age of the house presented challenges in both design and construction. The removal of large amounts of earth, concrete, bricks and bluestone, together with negotiating the tight spaces, was difficult on the inner-city block. Creative thinking, together with good design ensured that problems were resolved, and an aesthetically pleasing result was achieved.

Architecture & Access, together with excellent building and lift contractors, managed these challenges well and the result means that the client is now able to access all areas of the house and be safer and more independent in her home. It is very rewarding to be able to achieve these positive outcomes for our home modification clients.

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