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Livable Housing Design Standard – the minimum mandatory requirement

This standard enables dwellings to better meet the needs of the community.

The National Construction Code (NCC) Livable Housing Design Standard is now live in Victoria!  Queensland and Northern Victoria are a little ahead as the standard came into effect in October 2023. Livable housing aims to make our housing:

(a) easy to enter

(b) easy to navigate in and around

(c) capable of easy and cost-effective adaptation

(d) responsive to the changing needs of occupants.

Both Class 1a houses and Class 2 apartments are to meet these standards. 

Growing old and becoming a bit more unsteady on our feet, having a sporting injury and using crutches, using a pram for a newborn or having an elderly family member that uses a walking frame when visiting are all part of life.   Housing that has level entry access and a toilet on the ground level will make life easier for all of us and our loved ones visiting.

Image credit: Architect, Lovell Burton, photographer, Rory Gardiner

The NCC Livable Housing Design Standard is now the minimum mandatory requirement for the design of Class 2 and Class 1a dwellings. Your designs will need to comply with these requirements. 

The Standard covers six elements:

  1. Dwelling access – from the property boundary or an associated garage or car park (for Class 1a buildings)
  2. Entrances – at least one entrance is level and step free
  3. Doors and corridors – to allow unimpeded access
  4. Sanitary compartments – including circulation spaces at the toilet
  5. Shower – requirements including step free and hobless
  6. Reinforcement – of walls around the toilet, shower and bath (if provided) to allow the future installation of grabrails.

Architecture & Access have trained and qualified access consultants that have an in-depth knowledge of the Livable Housing Design standard.  We can review the proposed designs during the design stage and then again in construction to ensure that your designs meet the requirements of the NCC Livable Housing Design standard.

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