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Product reviews and accessibility statements

Architecture & Access’ suite of access consulting services include product reviews, specifically for products referred to in the accessibility standards.

When designing a new product, fixture or piece of furniture, the design team and others involved in the design should be fully aware of their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).  It is essential to ensure the objectives of safe, dignified and equitable access are met for all people.

The Architecture & Access team can review the product specifications, technical data and/or assess a physical prototype.  We have reviewed products such as door handles, turn snibs, drinking fountains and tiered seating systems. 

We have staff that are registered occupational therapists, architects, designers and have knowledge in ergonomics.  This breadth and depth of experience is used to assess the product and its features.  An assessment is made against relevant Australian and International Standards to determine usability and compliance with these standards. 

Architecture & Access may make recommendations to improve the product with the aim of achieving compliance or to improve usability by a person with a disability.  Following our assessment a full report detailing the outcome of the assessment against relevant criteria is provided.  This full assessment and report are technical and detailed. 

We can also provide an Accessibility Statement. This is a visual summarised version of our access product report. This statement is a one-page, plain language summary outlining the access features and compliance to relevant standards that can be uploaded onto a website for customers to review.   Graphics can be used to explain the main features and benefits to potential buyers.  The Accessibility Statement can outline the universally designed features of the product and how this product allows for ease of use for all users. 

Overall Architecture & Access can work with you to develop an Accessibility Statement for your product.  This helps to communicate the design features that enhance access for all users and gives your customers clear and concise information about your product from a reputable third party.

Austinmer Beach drinking fountain by Civiq

Architecture & Access recently provided Civiq with accessibility statements for a range of water fountains. Civiq (CIVIC + IQ = Civiq) provide high-quality outdoor drinking fountains. Their water fountains are stainless steel and built to last.

Their innovation extends to wrapping the fountains with personalised art, incorporating the community’s personality into the public outdoor space.

Image: Civiq drinking fountain for Austinmer Beach

Civiq proudly displays their range of accessible products on its website with a dedicated page for accessible drinking fountains and is well received by customers looking to specify DDA compliant products. The Architecture & Access product accessibility statements sit beside the specifications, installation and CAD information.

Civiq logo

For more information on Civiq drinking fountains please visit their website.

If you would like to know more about how we can develop accessibility statements, please contact Architecture & Access.

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