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Architecture & Access Camping and Hiking Adventure

There’s no better way to get to know your fellow work mates then by including a drop toilet!

Architecture & Access has a healthy level of employee engagement with appointed Health and Wellbeing representatives initiating various events and social activities. We believe this helps to keep our people connected and is conducive to happy workplace.

It was time to ramp up the volume of our social activities and head out into nature for an overnight hike.

The Beeripmo Walk in the mount Cole State Forest & Mount Buangor State Park was chosen. It is located one hours drive west of Ballarat and two hours from Melbourne.

Mount Buangor State Park is in the traditional Country of the Eastern Maar Peoples.

The walk is an excellent introduction to overnight hiking but challenging enough for those who are seasoned hikers. Our hikers needed a reasonable level of fitness as they had to carry their own gear (around 15kgs) and walk 21 km. Chosen for being an excellent introduction to overnight hiking but challenging enough for those who have done it before!

Camp dinner

“This was the best company outing trip I’ve ever been on. Being immersed and nurtured in nature, enjoying the spectacular beauty of the Victorian country landscape, from gum trees to forest ferns is such a privilege for me.

Moreover, I’ve learned so much about myself how to power through a challenging experience, with a 14kg backpack of camping gear, hiking a 20km forest route over 2 days and one night. To be honest, it was more of a mental challenge, and I’d love to do it again. At the campsite at night, we enjoyed the cosy atmosphere by the campfire and Michelin-standard camping dinner prepared by Allison.

We talked, shared stories and learned so much about each other, which made me feel more connected with my company and people I work with.  In hindsight, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to walk, hike and appreciate nature, and so, I see how accessibility to outdoor activities such an important aspect to one’s is life. I hope in the future there will have more opportunities like this to do together with my company.”

Grace Nguyen is an Access Consultant at Architecture & Access

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