Allison Crunden in Fiji assisting businesses via practical skills programs

Architecture & Access General Manager volunteers in Fiji

A unique approach to building robust and inclusive micro, small to medium enterprises to enable greater business and employment opportunities in Fiji.

Our General Manager, Allison Crunden recently spent 3 weeks in Suva, Fiji providing business skills training to small, locally owned businesses.

Allison’s role as a Skilled Business Professional was supported by Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) and Bank of South Pacific (BSP). The Yes Thrive program delivered by Allison and her co-facilitator, Colin O’Brien, is a proven model for skill and capacity building, leading to sustainable development for small and medium businesses in Fiji.

These businesses are crucial to strengthening Fiji’s economy and Allison was honoured to work with ABV and BSP to contribute to their resilience and success through the delivery of this customised and practical business skills program.

Allison will continue to provide remote support to these businesses now that she has returned to Australia. Architecture & Access are pleased and proud to support Allison and the work undertaken in Fiji to support small to medium business growth and development.

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