Architecture & Access leadership team 2024

Recognising the Architecture & Access leadership team

Our leadership team have a lot to consider including: 36 employees and 1200 projects to manage.

The Architecture & Access leadership team are responsible for setting the priorities for the organisation so that it continues to deliver.

Our leadership team are all experts in their field, with diverse backgrounds, creating a rich collective experience. Each person has a unique voice which genuinely contributes to the pathway the organisation takes and each has an accountability for the overall results of Architecture & Access.

The leadership team is guided by a Strategic Plan which it creates for a three-year term and reviews regularly. The Strategic Plan is driven by our four pillars and values being:

  • People – Attract, develop and retain high performing staff.

We embrace and celebrate diversity and we work collaboratively with others. We consider the needs of others and empower them to shape a better future. We value people, our relationships are honest and our actions respectful.

  • Innovation – Identify and develop new processes and service delivery offerings to affect positive change.

We continue to identify and develop new and better ways of delivering our offering. Affecting a positive change is of the upmost importance to us. We are industry leaders committed to staying informed, seeking new knowledge and innovating.

  • Service quality – Deliver high quality, efficient and cost-effective services.

Our services are of the highest quality, efficient and cost-effective. We continually evaluate and improve on our service delivery and quality. We are responsible for our actions, words and behaviour.

  • Profitability – Grow existing business and develop new service lines.

We seek to be profitable enough so that we can grow existing business and develop new opportunities in related fields and continue to create safe, functional and accessible environments.

It sounds simple… we are lucky at Architecture & Access as we have a wonderful team who support the leadership team. Our skilled team align with our culture and reflect diversity in the community. Our people have specialised skills which enable them to excel in their role.

Architecture & Access has grown greatly and continues to do so. Our staff are the lifeblood of our organisation, and we continue to implement initiatives to help us provide an inclusive, professional and connected workplace for everyone who works here.

Leadership team – Left to right in image:

  • Patricia Flores – Access Leader QLD
  • Cathryn Grant – Access Leader VIC
  • Athanasia Kantharidis – Finance Manager
  • Daniel Craddock – Senior Access Consultant
  • Andrew Sanderson – Director
  • Chris Porter – Director
  • Allison Crunden – General Manager
  • Rebecca Cribbes – Corporate Services Manager
  • Helen Fearn-Wannan – Access Leader VIC
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