Bayside foreshore upgrade. Before and after image

Bayside Foreshore upgrade

As we enjoy getting out this summer, spare a thought for the infrastructure that supports our access to the beach

Here in Melbourne, we have been working on a project with Group GSA to enhance and replace aging and deteriorating infrastructure about the bayside suburbs of Brighton, Sandringham, and Black Rock.  This has included:

  • Replacing aging timber stairs with concrete stairs to ensure that they meet current access requirements. 
  • Upgrading and replacing paths along the foreshore to ensure that they are firm, level and in a condition that supports access for all.
  • Installing new street furniture that is accessible and well placed.
  • Providing accessible car parking located close to beach access points.

We initially met all consultants on site to understand the sites, assess access and gain an understanding of other issues including structural and aesthetic requirements.

The next step was to review the proposed design. A report was provided to the client providing comment and advice regarding elements within the design. The purpose of the report was to offer advice for safe, dignified and equitable access for all users of the infrastructure. Our detailed reports ensure projects comply with all relevant legislation, standards and project requirements whilst also maintaining budgets and timelines.

Now that construction is complete, we have assessed the built elements to ensure that they comply with the proposed design and relevant standards.

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