Office workstation ergonomic assessment

Why Ergonomic Assessments are worth it

Ergonomics is understanding the interaction between humans and their environment

Workplaces can help prevent injuries by incorporating ergonomic principals into workplace design and optimising human wellbeing. Overall system performance can be enhanced by ensuring that workplaces, products and systems fit the people who use them. At Architecture & Access, our work health and safety consultants provide a one-on-one ergonomic assessment for each new employee.

An ergonomic assessment is an assessment of an employee at their workstation. An ergonomic assessment is done to reduce a worker’s exposure to physical hazards such as:

  • Uncomfortable postures
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Straining of the body

The assessment involves not only looking at the employees’ chair and desk set up, but also their behaviours such as how often they change their posture, equipment used (including computers, keyboards, and machinery) and working environment. If an employee has a pre-existing injury, we are able to liaise with their health care team to ensure that they have the best workstation set up possible to prevent any exacerbation of their existing injury.

Architecture & Access are committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees and are pleased to offer this assessment to ensure that all our employees are safe and comfortable at work.

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