Project team: Daniel Craddock, Architecture & Access and Clarke & Prince Architects team, ALC Head Office, Alyangula, Culture Centre, Umbakumba

Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) Groote Eylandt, NT – Accessibility and Compliance Audits

No matter the size, type or setting, access audits should be approached with the same goal: to ensure the environment is safe and accessible for a diverse range of people

Daniel Craddock, an Access Consultant in our Queensland office visited Groote Eylandt off the coast of Northern Territory mid-last year to undertake accessibility audits as part of the Building Safety Compliance Audit of the ALC building assets. 

We were sub-contracted by Clarke & Prince Architects and Daniel travelled with a subconsultant team including a hydraulic consultant, electrical consultant, and a building certifier. Commercial buildings in the indigenous communities of Angurugu and Umbakumba were assessed against DAPS (Disability Access to Premises Buildings) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards) and recommendations provided to meet the objectives of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA).

Groote Eylandt, Dutch for ‘large island’ is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and home to the Anindilyakwa people.  This first nations people are made up of fourteen (14) clans, and seven indigenous communities located on the Island.  The ALC actively supports arts on the island, by providing diverse art programs focused on traditional and contemporary art practices run from art centres in Angurugu and Umbakumba.  

GEMCO, owned and operated by South 32 have mined manganese on the island since 1965, and pay royalties to the owners of the country impacted.  

Comprehensive site-specific reports were prepared for each asset and issued to ALC (care of Clarke & Prince Architects) to act upon non compliances and incorporate recommendations for improving access for all users.   The information captured will assist ALC to acquire an overview of the level of accessibility of their building assets and assist in directing capital expenditure to achieve compliance and improve accessibility based on these findings.

Accessibility audits are vital in planning works and assessing the strengths and weaknesses in a single building or a range of facilities, and the first step to improving accessibility for all.

Image credit: Daniel Cradock

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