Focus on Evelyn Keng

Architecture & Access’ Melbourne team welcomes Evelyn

In May this year the Architecture & Project Management Melbourne team welcomed Evelyn Keng.

Evelyn has tackled the complexity documenting one of our largest projects, the social housing project at Cranbourne for Each. The Cranbourne project provides social housing with an emplasis on single-parent families and is funded under the Victoria Government Big Housing Build.

Evelyn is a registered architect with over ten years’ experience including significant project involvement in Singapore and Taiwan. Her experience delivering large documentation packages means that the Cranbourne project is in very capable hands. With years of experience using Revit including stepping up as BIM manager in a previous role, Evelyn has supported the team with the introduction of Revit.

The design process has always been of interest to Evelyn. Her dedication to Architecture has persisted over the years, with the drive to explore and learn new things. Practicing architecture in different countries has given Evelyn more exposure and connection to people.

In a short period of time with Architecture & Access, Evelyn has made a signification contribution to the team and provides our clients with confidence that projects are resourced with skilled and diligent architects.

A personal fun fact about Evelyn is, before she commenced the career path of Architecture, she always dreamed of being an explorer living a carefree life. Some days, you may catch her in the tranquility of the sea, sailing or diving. To de-stress, Evelyn ‘plays’ with Nano blocks (micro-sized toy building blocks ‘mini-Lego’or mulling over Netflix for her next movie fix!

Role model quote From Charles Eames, ‘Recognising the need is the primary condition for design’.

Evelyn hopes as Architects, that we continue to evolve, to be more responsible and, do our part in creating an eco friendly and sustainable built environments for the future, that better integrates humankind with nature, not built solely for monetary purposes.

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