Stages of a home modification

Stages of a home modification

Home modifications generally involve three stages. We can work with you through each of these stages.

This is where the assessment of your home takes place. One of our experienced home modification specialists will arrange a site visit, so we can work with you to clarify your needs and personal preferences before designing an outcome. An occupational therapist may also attend this meeting.

The goal of the planning stage is to identify the barriers to your independence, evaluate the constraints of the home and produce a cost-effective design solution that meets your functional requirements.

We undertake detailed site measurements and photographs to record the existing conditions.

The home modification specialist brings an understanding of building and planning regulations and specialist knowledge of designing for disability and ageing. We consider things such as the structure of the home and suitability for modification, electrical safety, waterproofing requirements, and value for money solutions.

At the conclusion of the assessment stage, we will provide you with schematic design drawings of the existing conditions and the proposed design solution(s). We can also include a scope of works and a statement of the suitability for your home for modification. We will identify the building and planning requirements and any sub consultants needed to develop your project such as a structural engineer or building surveyor.

We will then arrange a meeting with you to present and discuss the schematic design before your review and approval.

We can provide an opinion of probable costs based on our experience of managing projects of a similar scale and complexity. Where needed, we can also coordinate a more detailed cost estimation to assist with funding decisions for you or your insurer.

Our home modification specialist project managers will meet with you to discuss the design development of your project. We present more detailed drawings during this stage and provide you with information on recommended fixtures, finishes and equipment for your home modification.

Working with you on the design, we aim to have sign-off on the changes to your home.

During this stage, we will liaise with key stakeholders for your project that may include insurers, occupational therapists, structural engineers and building surveyors.

We develop the drawings and specifications to a high level of detail, to ensure your functional requirements are met and that they comply with the building regulations.

The goal of this stage is to develop the initial schematic design into a set of documents that can be used for a tender with our panel of contractors.

Following the tender process, we provide you and/or your insurer with a Tender Evaluation Report. The report provides a summary of the tender outcome including the nominated builder and price of the works.

On approval of the tender price, the project moves to the construction stage.

The home modification specialist project manager role during the construction stage is to help ensure that the project runs smoothly, the works are being built in accordance with the plans and specifications, and the project is delivered on time.

During this stage, the home modification project manager will:

  • Coordinate the contract signing
  • Coordinate the application of required permits and insurances
  • Provide you with a copy of the stamped plans, permits and insurances
  • Undertake site inspections as required
  • Be available to answer queries from the builder and the client/homeowner
  • Respond to any client and builder variations to scope, time and cost
  • Certify payments to the builder
  • Undertake a final inspection and review any defects
  • Report to the insurer as required

The goal of this stage is to reduce the stress and complexity of the home modification project for you.

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