A Bachelor of Architecture in India and a Master of Architecture in Australia

When too much study is never enough…

Architecture & Access congratulates Vibhika upon receiving her Master of Architecture.

A Master of Architecture expands your knowledge in architecture, design and innovative strategies through creativity.

Vibhika is part of the Access Consulting team at Architecture & Access, providing specialist advice to ensure new developments and upgrades to existing buildings, comply with legislative requirements and incorporate the goals of universal design.

After completing a 5-year long Bachelor of Architecture from India, Vibhika thought it was not enough. Vibhika’s experience shows that a masters comes with its own challenges, but pursuing this qualification in a different country, miles away from home and family adds to the challenge. “I won’t lie, I was nervous at first, going out of my comfort zone, to experience a new culture and way of living. But coming to Australia has been a dream, to experience the life here, meet new people and of course, achieve what I came for”, says Vibhika

Vibhika explains the course work was hard but quite interesting in terms of the exposure given in the theoretical as well as designing aspects. Adapting to the new online learning through the pandemic was tough as it deprived Vibhika and her contemporaries and professors of a chance to connect and share ideas.

However, after 2 years of intense learning, designing and re-designing Vibhika finally completed her Master of Architecture from Deakin University.

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