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Access consulting a hit with Queensland building certifiers

Architecture & Access specialist access consulting services are proving popular with Queensland building certifiers, assisting them with advice on alternative solutions and determining the components of building design and construction that may impact accessibility.

“Certifiers tell us that our services assist them to work with designers and builders to meet obligations to provide accessible premises,” says Patricia Flores, senior access consultant at Architecture & Access in Queensland.

Accessibility has become a critical area of technical knowledge, so an access report or compliance statement issued by Architecture & Access gives certainty and assurance to all concerned that the requirements for access have been addressed.

“Essentially, we make the professional lives of building certifiers easier as they go about their job to ensure that completed building works comply with building control legislation.”
The service most sought by building certifiers is advice on alternative solutions whereby our access consultants offer performance-based approaches to achieving compliance when deemed to satisfy provisions of the National Construction Code are difficult to meet.

Environments that can pose a problem for access are heritage listed or existing buildings where accessibility can be difficult to incorporate into areas that previously have not been required to be accessible.

We can offer assistance to support alternative design solutions that may include a management plan or access strategy that is supported by the occupants of the building to ensure reasonable access is provided.

Our access consultants will attend site at early stages of construction and at practical completion before certificates of occupancy or classification are issued to provide peace of mind for all parties that compliance has been achieved and a reasonable solution for people with disability is attained.

When it is left to the building certifier to manage avoidable and unintended errors that impact accessibility and may require costly redesign and rectification, an access consultant can provide advice and solutions to comply with the standards, and inspect the completed work to provide a statement of compliance.

Some of the most common avoidable errors that our access consultants see include:

  • Ramps constructed with setout not allowing enough clearance between handrails, kerb rails or at landings and non-compliant gradients
  • Stairs and handrails with incorrect setout or non-compliant design 
  • Kerb ramp alignment and lengths incorrect
  • Doors setout without compliant door circulation space
  • Sanitary fittings and fixtures setout incorrectly to side walls or at the wrong height
  • Light switches, proximity-card readers and other controls setout too close to internal corners
  • Braille and tactile signage installed incorrectly
  • Shop and office fit-outs impeding access.

On occasion, these examples and other non-compliance can be overlooked and the consequences of this can be costly redesign and rectification which may also expose owners, builders, and designers to risk, and sadly, the presentation of more frustrating barriers for people with disability.

“From experience, we know that early involvement of an access consultant can identify and address problems before they become expensive to fix and threaten building completion.” says Patricia.

“We like to be engaged in the planning and design process, and again at the early stage of construction when frames are up, and electrical and plumbing is roughed in, to check everything is in order. We can also brief contractors to ensure accessibility requirements are understood.”

“In the overall picture, our clients realise that the cost of access consulting is small and our advice valuable, particularly when issues are identified early that would otherwise be very expensive to fix later,” says Patricia.

“Access consulting has a valuable role throughout the life of a building project from design through to construction.”

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