Access for all @ String Bean Alley Container Hub

Welcoming and easily negotiated environment for all people. Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market has received a boost for both merchants and visitors with this recent addition

The String Bean Alley Container Hub, at Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market, has received a welcome boost for both merchants and visitors with the recent addition of a Visitor Information Centre and twelve new merchandising outlets.

Sited under the umbrella of the heritage listed L and M sheds, these outlets were created from standard shipping containers that were modified for the purpose. It was a collaboration between Events Studios Australia and Total Containers, with guidance from Architecture & Access. Our objective was to ensure that the precinct was enhanced by being available and welcoming for people of all ages and abilities.

Our role was to ensure compliance with the standards that apply when designing for disability and access: Australian Standard AS1428.1.  The challenge for Architecture & Access was to achieve compliance with the minimum requirements as well as embrace the principles of universal design

The succession of rigid steel boxes related to a bitumen surface of variable gradients, with a strict covenant that prevented any excavation or modification of the surface.  Maintaining consistency in the configuration of the access to each outlet was important, so that travel paths could be uncomplicated and easily managed by all.

Architecture & Access has a commitment to the principles of universal design and set out to make a positive contribution to the precinct, helping to provide a welcoming and easily negotiated environment for a wide a range of people. The spaces are easily accessed by people using mobility aids, wheelchairs, shopping trollies and prams alike.

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