Architecture & Access continues to be an employer of choice.

Introducing you to some of our newest members of the Architecture & Access team…

Architecture & Access employ people who are skilled and who align with our culture and reflect diversity in the community. Our people have specialised skills which enable them to competently perform their role. The new people joining us are a mix of architects and access consultants. Whether it is architecture, access consulting or the people supporting these professional staff, our people first approach is a fundamental driver in how we consider our staff.

We have grown greatly in recent years, and we continue to strive to be an inclusive, united, and engaging workplace.

We would like to introduce you to some of our newest members of the Architecture & Access team.

Andrew Tranter – Access Consultant, Melbourne – My work as an Access Consultant supports the delivery of accessibility as defined by the National Construction Code of Australia and Standards for Accessible design. The role supports the development of projects in the built environment from concept to construction. It involves strong collaboration with all levels of the building industry, architects and community sponsors. I believe my role is to support the realisation of ideas and concepts for new and existing environments into good, sustainable design for all areas of community to live with and utilise and hopefully prosper.

Image Credit: Artist Greg Muir

My experience has been formed over 35 years, working across community, Local and State government and creative industries. Much of this work has supported the advocacy and delivery of projects with a strong leaning towards the delivery of outcomes for strong, creative and diverse communities.

I have a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Business Management and Certificate in Project Management. My background combines the disciplines of Community Development, Community Cultural Development and the Built Environment. I believe each is intrinsic to the other.

Access can be hard to get perfect. My work at Architecture & Access does not always have a clear solution. A part of my role is to navigate through some of the grey areas that create obstacles for people in their lives within the built environment.

Outside of work I have many interests. Currently top of my list are body surfing, football (the round version), rock n roll and poetry. I collect vinyl records and often seek out obscure stuff. I am enjoying my time at Architecture & Access and applying my experience and skills in collaboration with a great team. Image Credit: Artist Greg Muir

Alex Lye – Graduate of Architecture, Project Manager, Melbourne – My role is within the Architecture & Project Management unit as a Project Manager delivering home modifications under the TAC and WorkSafe portfolios. I have close to 20 years of experience practicing architecture with most of my work involving multiple residential units, a mixture of high-rise apartment blocks and residential block developments. 

I am a self-starter with the motivation and drive to deliver results. “The home modification space is a challenge with a variety of obstacles, but I take it up by being adept at conceptualising ideas through continuous learning”.

Judy Lareta Graduate Architect, Melbourne – I am a Graduate of Architecture and Project Manager and work in the SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) projects sector for Architecture & Access. I consider myself to be inclusive and a committed multiculturalist.

I have a decade of experience in architecture with local and international project exposure. Prior to Architecture & Access, I worked on hospital and mental health projects throughout Victoria.

I am buoyed by how my role directly impacts the lives of people living with disability. I believe everyone has the right to live comfortably and to have a high quality of life. I am driven to integrate exceptional design intent to the creation of inclusive, sustainable, and above-all, functional spaces that meet the needs of every age and ability.

I am currently working on my Registration as an Architect within Australia.

Muzaffer Emeklier – Architect, Melbourne – I am an Architect with Architecture & Access, I design and document with the goal of meeting the needs of our clients by designing spaces for them to enjoy and create nice memories.

I have worked in offices that serve different sectors of construction and my speciality is residential architecture. I have a bachelor’s degree in interior and architecture and designing houses is my passion. I have a personal connection to access in the built environment as my father has a disability. It gives me great pleasure working and serving the disability sector within our community.

As architects we have a great responsibility for every single line we draw. An extra line drawn for a step can mean thousands of people may have to climb an extra step in the life of the building.

Fun Fact: Prior to studying architecture I was a scholarship student, majoring in classical guitar. I fell in love with architecture and dropped classical guitar in my third year of university.

Zara Jafari – Project Manager, Melbourne – As an Architect and Project Manager for Architecture & Access I conduct site assessments, design and construction drawings and construction management.

I have experience in both residential and the health sector. Prior to joining Architecture & Access I worked in the Aged Care sector. The three years I spent in this sector provided me with extensive experience in design for accessibility.

I believe it is my role to create something that will make life easier for people to navigate. I believe design for the elderly and people with a disability has given my passion for architecture a more fulfilling purpose. I find it extremely rewarding to be able to help the most vulnerable people in our society.

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