Architecture & Access welcomes Katrina Henderson

The Access Team are excited to introduce Katrina Henderson, a qualified Occupational Therapist to the Access Consulting Team

The Access Team in Melbourne would like to welcome Katrina Henderson to the team. Katrina is an Occupational Therapist who has worked in wide variety of areas including vocational rehabilitation, medico-legal and academic settings.

Katrina is part of Cathryn Grant’s team and is quickly picking up the skills required to be an Access Consultant. Architecture & Access have a formalized induction process that covers all areas required for a new staff member to settle in and learn the requirements of their new role. Our team of Access Unit Managers estimate that it takes about 1 year for a person to learn the skills required to work independently as an access consultant, although all of our access consultants continue to learn and receive support and supervision throughout their career. Our induction and training processes help to ensure new starters like Katrina develop the required skills and knowledge to enable them to produce the high standard of work required of all of our access consultants.

Katrina and the Access Team offer a comprehensive range of services. Our Access Consulting Team work with a wide range of new developments and building upgrades including: Workplaces, Residential and Commercial developments, Public Facilities and Major Transport and Infrastructure sites.

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