MOD.A 2016 Home Modification Conference, 28-29 April National Convention Centre, Canberra

MOD.A 2016 Home Modification Conference

The MOD.A 2016 Conference ‘Modifying the Home: Building-Inclusion-Practice’- 28-29 April, National Convention Centre Canberra.

The MOD.A 2016 conference highlights the latest research and evidence-base in the home modification sector, brings together prominent experts in the field, and features innovative service providers.

Architecture & Access is pleased to be presenting three papers at the conference.

‘The 5Cs of Home Modification – Client focus, Collaboration, Cost, Calibre and Compliance’ looks at five key areas to improve the process and outcomes of home modification delivery.

‘Working with the builder to deliver home modification’ looks at the process of home modification from a builder’s perspective and presents some tips for getting the work done efficiently.

‘Thinking inside the box – A best practice model for creative home modification delivery in an insurance setting’ clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the parties and presents a process for home modification delivery that considers the needs of all involved.

For more information and registration go to the MOD.A 2016 Home Modification Conference website.

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