What is CUDA and why is it so important?

UD (Universal Design) and CUDA (Centre for Universal Design Australia)

Architecture & Access are pleased to announce our Corporate Membership to Centre for Universal Design Australia (CUDA). CUDA is the only Australian organisation dedicated to the progression of Universal Design in Australia. They are a registered charity and Architecture & Access are pleased to support them in advocating and educating the community regarding Universal Design.

Universal design comes from a premise that we are not all the same. Some of us are elderly, children, some are pregnant or use a walking stick, some are short or tall, some have use of only one arm or are just trying to carry luggage to the airport. All of these factors contribute to how we can function and use a space or product at any one time.

CUDA’s vision is ‘to live in a world where everyone can participate in all aspects of social and economic life’. To be able to achieve their vision CUDA endeavours to promote and protect human rights of people with disability, older people and children.

Their ethos is aligned with our philosophy, supporting the cause for social and economic inclusion for everyone.

CUDA provides a valuable and functional service, including:

  • Resource provision
  • Education and training
  • Policy and practice
  • Research
  • Community practice

Architecture & Access’ staff will have access to the regular newsletter and information posts from CUDA which will inform our practice as access consultant and specialists in the design of environments for people with a diverse range of abilities. We encourage all organisations and individuals interested in design for all to become members of CUDA and support their work in promoting this area of practice. 

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