A rich festival with a focus on the essence of seasonal celebration, including fire, light and storytelling

Considerations to ensure festivals like Firelight are accessible

Firelight Festival is owned, funded and delivered by City of Melbourne, the festival is designed to promote community engagement and activity in the winter months through a celebration of art, community and renewal.

After two years of Covid cancellations, the 2022 event was held after dark at the beginning of July across multiple sites in New Quay Promenade, Harbour Esplanade and Victor Harbour Promenade. These sites provided a range of temporary event infrastructures that included performance stages, lighting & fire displays, water show, audience seating, catering and dining and amenities.

The performances and displays were evenly dispersed across Docklands and provided on existing hardstand, which gave visitors of all abilities freedom of choice and movement throughout the event site.
All the displays and performances were accessible to the general public. As part of this event several temporary structures were provided including:

  • 4 Performance Stages
  • Gas Flames & Gas Cauldrons
  • Fire Braziers
  • Seating Areas
  • Food Trucks
  • Bar
  • First Aid
  • SES
  • Security
  • Event Management Back of House Areas
  • Water
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Lighting Towers
  • Signage Pillars

Architecture & Access were engaged by City of Melbourne to provide access advice for the design and construction of this project.

During this process there was the need to provide a Performance Solution assessment and report. Architecture & Access provided a proposal/solution to manage access requirements for a specific stage structure through the provision of a portable lifting device. This enabled staff and performers with a disability to easily access the stage.

A Performance Solution is a means of achieving the Performance Requirements of the National Construction Code. Architecture & Access has the deep knowledge and vast experience required to complete a Performance Solution assessment process that complies with the code’s Performance Requirements and evaluates whether these can be satisfied by a Performance Solution, a Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution or a combination of both. Our evidence-based judgement enables us to develop fit-for-purpose solutions.

The Docklands Firelight Festival has quickly become a cherished celebration of the Winter Solstice in Melbourne. With its accessible location and inclusive displays, this annual community event can be enjoyed by everyone.

The City of Melbourne has commenced planning for Firelight Festival 2023.

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