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Architecture & Access joins Livable Housing Australia as an Associate Supporter and Independent Assessor.

Architecture & Access is pleased to announce their status as an Associate Supporter of Livable Housing Australia.

“Architecture & Access has been a long-term proponent of livable housing design,” says director Chris Porter. “This commitment reinforces our position as an advocate of universal design and leader in the design and delivery of safe and accessible homes.”

Livable housing is ideal for people with disability, young families, and older people wanting to remain in their homes as they age.

Architecture & Access staff are trained as registered independent consultants to evaluate the design and construction of homes against the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

“We believe that Livable Housing Australia (LHA) provides an important formal framework for assessing and rating livable housing, so that architects, builders and consumers can be confident in the standard of design and construction,” says director Andrew Sanderson.

Achieving Silver, Gold or Platinum rating for livable housing involves an assessment at the design and built stages of the project by a registered LHA Assessor.

The nationally agreed Livable Housing Design Guidelines provide technical advice and guidance on key easy-living features that make a home functional and safe to live in for people of all ages and abilities by making it:

• Safer to move in and around
• More capable of easy and cost-effective adaptation
• Designed to better respond to the changing needs and abilities of the people who live in the home.

For home owners

Architecture & Access can design and deliver new homes and undertake home modifications in line with the principles of universal design and LHA design guidelines.
With an LHA rating, the home owner will know their home has been designed to consider the needs of everyone in the family.

“Perhaps it’s not until we are experiencing a change in our own circumstances or mobility, manoeuvring a pram, caring for a teenager with a broken leg, or wanting to invite over a friend who uses a wheelchair, that we will truly realise the benefits of livable housing design,” says Chris Porter.

Livable housing is ideal for people with disability, young families and older people wanting the home to function well now and adapt to their future needs.

For architects, designers & builders

The Livable Housing Design Guidelines also offer a great opportunity for builders, designers and architects to lead the way in the provision of housing which appeals to a broad spectrum of potential buyers – people starting a family, older people looking to remain in the home as they age, or those with a disability.

An LHA rating is also highly regarded by government looking for community housing stock.

Architecture & Access can provide consulting services to evaluate and rate the design and completed construction of homes against the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

Please contact Architecture and Access for more information.
For more information about the LHA Design Guidelines go to Livable Housing Australia website.

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