Celebrating decades of Service to the Access Community

Two careers, committed to removing barriers to participation and preventing disability discrimination

This month Architecture & Access has celebrated the significant contribution made by Chris Porter (20 years of service) and Andrew Sanderson (25 years of service) to our organisation and to the wider Access community. In fact, our newest recruit was not even born when Andy started Access Consulting!

Prior to forming Architecture & Access, Chris and Andrew both lead successful organisations providing access advice to the building and construction industry. Andrew started Blythe-Sanderson in 1993 with business partner Sandy Blythe OAM. Andrew and Sandy were committed to advocating the rights of people with disability to obtain equal access to goods and services, education, employment and leisure options.

In 1998 Chris and Occupational Therapist Diane Porter, established Architecture & Access, providing a unique offering of access, architecture and occupational therapy services to support organisations to design and deliver solutions of disability access for residential, commercial and public facilities.

In 2012, Andrew and Chris brought their businesses together to form Architecture & Access. They both continue to demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling the intent of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, to remove barriers to participation and prevent disability discrimination. This commitment remains at the heart of the Architecture & Access business today.

Since 2012, Architecture & Access has flourished under their leadership and now employs 35 staff across three States. Architecture & Access continues to support people of all abilities and by enabling them to enjoy equal opportunities through modification or redesign of the built environment. The company excels in delivering a wide range of projects – from private home modifications, Architecture, retail shops, restaurants, hospitals, residential facilities, office buildings, emergency services, public transport and educational facilities.

The ongoing success of the organisation reflects Chris and Andrew’s ongoing commitment to delivering access in architecture, by bringing together a robust multi-disciplinary team to offer a comprehensive range of services.

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